The NIH Genetic Testing Registry: Public Meeting on Transition Plan with GeneTests - Ancillary Meeting

Wed, 3/20: 8:00 AM  - 9:30 AM 
Ancillary Event/Meeting 
Phoenix Convention Center North Building 
Room: Ballroom 120 A 


Moderator: Marc Williams, MD, FACMG

Speakers and Panelists: Wendy Rubinstein, MD, PhD, Robert Nussbaum, MD, FACMG, Brandi Kattman, MS, Adriana Malheiro, MS, Cathy Fomous, PhD, MS

Session description:
The NIH Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) website ( was launched in February 2012 and laboratories participating in GeneTests were invited to submit data to GTR in June 2012. Both GTR and the GeneTests Laboratory are now publicly available during a transition period lasting about a year. Laboratory and test information in the GTR includes data displayed from the GeneTests Laboratory Directory, additive information from laboratories and tests that are registered in GTR, additional content from new laboratories, and an expanded scope including pharmacogenetic tests. GTR is also an information portal to clinical, molecular, variation, consumer, and literature resources including GeneReviews.

The GeneTests Laboratory Directory will be phased out on June 4, 2013. Participation in the GTR is voluntary. Laboratories that wish to maintain a public presence at NIH need to take specific action to migrate (copy) information from GeneTests and supplement the information to at least the minimal data requirements for GTR. Users are encouraged to try out GTR during the transition period and to provide feedback about navigation and content.

At this open public meeting the panelists will discuss the timeline for the transition between GeneTests and GTR, review key navigation paths to information on the GTR website and modes of data submission, and invite questions from the audience. Feedback will be elicited from laboratory and user stakeholders in advance of the meeting and recurring questions and comments will be addressed.