Use of Color in Statistical Charts

Heike Hofmann Chair
Iowa State University
Danielle Szafir Panelist
UNC-Chapel Hill
Ian Lyttle Panelist
Schneider Electric
Gail Mulligan Panelist
National Center for Education Statistics
Haley Jeppson Organizer
Iowa State University
Sunday, Aug 6: 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Invited Panel Session 
Metro Toronto Convention Centre 
Room: CC-810 
Data visualization communicates the underlying data by mapping the data to the visual properties of the graphic, such as position, size, or color. For these encodings to be effective, the mapping between the visual properties and values must preserve important differences in the data and be perceivable by the viewer. Effective color encodings in data visualization is a complex challenge, and its impact on the accuracy of visual communication is often overlooked. While it is widely accepted that color scales can deceptively manipulate a viewer's perception of the underlying data, guidelines for constructing color scales are loosely defined, difficult to express mathematically, and often difficult to apply. At this panel, researchers at the forefront of investigating the use of color in data visualizations will share their current research and tools for selecting, constructing, and evaluating color scales. We will discuss the effective matching of a color scale to the data it is encoding, perceptual uniformity, accessibility concerns, and more.



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