TL05: Off The Books: Exploring Alternate Measures Of Technical Change and Knowledge Diffusion

Michelle Alexopoulos Speaker
University of Toronto
Tuesday, Aug 8: 12:30 PM - 1:50 PM
Lunchtime Speakers 
Metro Toronto Convention Centre 
Room: CC-201AC 
The application of text mining to digitized library collections, along with meta-data from OCLC's WorldCat Database can be used to create alternative measures of technological innovation and diffusion. After these techniques are reviewed, we will explore how the resulting metrics can be used to map the waves of innovation over time and space, examine technological diffusion of revolutionary technologies & general purpose technologies (GPTs) across major economies, highlight inter-dependencies between these different innovations, and estimate impacts of technical change on the economy. These methods can help further our understanding of technical change, and its contribution to economic growth, business cycles, productivity within and across countries over time. They are also likely to provide important information on the development and diffusion of new GPTs such as AI and robotics that can help complement measures collected by our national statistical agencies.


Business and Economic Statistics Section

Technical Change & Diffusion

General Purpose Technologies

Text & Data Mining


Economic Growth