Synthetic investigation on structure-property relationships in the Ca2-xMnxTi2O6 quadruple perovskite system

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08/03/2020: 4:00 PM  - 5:00 PM 


2020: 70th ACA Annual Meeting

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Subhransu Bhoi  
Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux

Additional Author(s):

Murielle LEGENDRE  
Institut Néel, UPR 2940, 38042 Grenoble FRANCE
Céline GOUJON  
Institut Néel, UPR 2940, 38042 Grenoble FRANCE
Michael JOSSE  
University of Bordeaux, ICMCB, UMR 5026, 33600 Pessac, FRANCE
Matthew SUCHOMEL  
ICMCB-CNRS UMR 5026, 33600 Pessac FRANCE

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Pressure assisted synthesis is a proven route for expanding the explorable range of phase space in order to discover and stabilize new metastable ABO...3 perovskite-type structures. Recently, a new class of complex perovskites termed quadruple perovskites (QPv) have been investigated for their unusual cation ordering and interesting ferroic properties [1]. One intriguing member of this family is CaMnTi...2O...6, which displays ferroelectric character (T...C = 630K) and was previously reported by High-Pressure High-Temperature (HP-HT) synthesis methods at 1200°C -1700 °C and 7 GPa [2]. A recent work [3] showed that related Ca-rich compositions in the Ca...(2-x)Mn...xTi...2O...6 series could be achieved at much lower pressures (100 MPa) using a Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) approach. Our present study explores the optimized P-T synthesis conditions for compositions across the Ca...(2-x)Mn...xTi...2O...6 series under a variety of different synthetic techniques (HP-HT, SPS, etc.). Furthermore, the effect of varying synthetic parameters (Ca/Mn ratio, pressure, temperature, SPS current, etc.) on competing phase stabilities, structural distortions, and cation ordering in Ca...(2-x)Mn...xTi...2O...6 series of QPv is discussed. Finally, connections are proposed concerning the structure-property relationship, in particular for the ferroelectric transition temperature (T...C) and dielectric permittivity response.

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