Unnecessarily Complicated Research

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07/31/2022: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront  


2022: 72nd ACA Annual Meeting

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Presenting Author :

Larry Andrews  
Ronin Institute

Additional Author:

Herbert Bernstein  
Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship, c/o NSLS-II, Brookhaven National Lab, Bldg 745

Abstract Body:

The development of software for new applications requires extensive testing.
Several methods for determining likely Bravais lattice types are already available.
In creating a new one, we realized that their publications seldom indicate
that extensive testing was done. Usually, a few examples of unit cells from
the literature are displayed. We decided that Sella, a new method we are developing,
should have the kind of testing that software engineering requires. Starting from
an example unit cell, in the space S6 a cloud of points was generated. The points
are designed to fall at a prescribed small distance from the example cell. The
perturbed unit cells are then reduced; the resulting reduced cloud should
show continuity and reasonable distances from their corresponding reduced cell.

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