On the electrolytic method of preparation of nano alumina from aluminum scrap

Conference: 2022: 72nd ACA Annual Meeting
Praveen Balakrishnan Additional Author
Jimma University
Jimma, Oromiya 
Tsegaye Markos Additional Author
Jimma University
Jimma, Oromiya 
07/31/2022: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Poster Session 
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront 
Room: Exhibit Hall 


Aluminum scraps collected from local workshop, were used as electrode to electrolyze distilled water at different pH. A mixture of gibbsite, boehmite, bayerite and a little diaspore were precipitated . Subsequent heating of this mixture of compounds, results in the formation of different phases of aluminum oxide, namely α (corundum), δ, γ and θ, depending - on pH and temperature. If the pH is about 9, a mixture of predominantly nano δ and θ phase result at 900⁰ C . As the temperature is further raised, predominantly θ-phase is produced at 1100⁰ C. On the other hand, if the pH is around 4, micro-meter sized α- phase predominates.