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Professional development courses (PDCs) are offered before (September 22-23) and after (September 27) the conference. These courses are formalized learning experiences that, through in-depth instruction by field experts, enhance technical competence and provide practical tools and skills for the modern workplace. *Pre-registration required; additional fee.

Education Sessions make up the main conference (September 24-26). These invaluable sessions combine limitless enrichment opportunities with a wealth of high quality knowledge and expertise in every IH/OH niche. Attendees are encouraged to participate in lively dialogue on case studies, controversial issues, and exciting new research.

General Sessions bring all the conference attendees together. These plenary sessions are held at various times each day. Hear speakers who will bring you new insights, see presentations that will ignite your understanding, and share in recognizing the accomplishments of IOHA members.

Interactive Learning are engaging sessions that actively involve the participants in a variety of ways. These sessions take place during the main conference and include exhibitor activities.

Committee, Board, & Other Events are some of the additional offerings you’ll find at IOHA 2018. Search for the meetings and other happenings you need to attend, including *Technical Tours *Pre-registration required for some activities; additional fee.

For a conference at-a-glance view, simply click “search” without entering any criteria.

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