B6: Why Your (Our) Leadership Is as Critical as Ever

Kiesha Curley Moderator
St. Paul, MN 
Jason Kunz, CIH, CSP Presenter
Saint Paul, MN 
United States of America
Justin Hoover, CSP Co-Presenter
New Millennium Building Systems
Fort Wayne, IN 
United States of America
Elizabeth Vold Co-Presenter
Roseville, MN 
United States of America
Mon, 5/23: 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM CDT
Education Session 
Music City Center 
Room: Meeting Room 205 A 


Based on recent FSI/SIF trends, we must continue to develop our leadership and influence. Surveys from business and organizational executives confirm that employers want strong leadership and communication skills in their EHS professionals. Understanding key principles and building leadership skills are what make the difference in achieving, or not achieving, success in today's competitive marketplace. This session will focus on strengthening the right leadership skills and attributes critical to leading teams, programs, and businesses. These skills are critical to optimize effectiveness and be a valued member of your enterprise. They are necessary to make good things happen in a demanding, complex work environment and to be seen by management, peers, and subordinates as an exceptional asset to the organization rather than just a technical expert.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Discuss why the IH profession tends to struggle with leadership and influence.
• Create rapport and build trust by tailoring leadership and communication, as needed.
• Recognize that a person cannot influence without trust, and one cannot trust without rapport. 

Content Level


Interactive Session Experience

Small Group Discussion


Risk Assessment and Management