Sunset Session: The Critical Role of OEHS Professionals in Successful Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Karen Jones, CIH, CSP Moderator
Gulf Coast HSE Consulting Services, LLC
Houston, TX 
United States of America
Laura Weems, CIH, CSP, CHMM Presenter
US Army Corps of Engineers
Maumelle, AR 
United States of America
Eugene Satrun, CIH, CSP, FAIHA Co-Presenter
Satrun OHS Consulting LLC
United States of America
Dana Stahl, MS, CIH Co-Presenter
The Seattle Public Library
Seattle, WA 
United States of America
Mon, 5/23: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM CDT
Education Session 
Music City Center 
Room: Meeting Room 202 A 


Organizations understand that emergencies and major disasters can occur with little to no warning. Preparing for these events includes developing business continuity/continuity of operations plans and emergency response plans so that operations can continue. Although OEHS professionals provide vital services to their organization once an emergency occurs, they may not be directly involved in preparing their organization for an emergency. OEHS participation during all stages of emergency planning and preparedness is vital to ensuring OEHS concerns are identified, evaluated and included in organizational plans, preparedness efforts, training, exercises, and drills. This session will explain: 1) why OEHS involvement in planning and preparedness is critical; 2) how OEHS professionals can effectively participate; 3) the elements of continuity and emergency response plans; 4) who is typically involved in the planning process; 5) how OEHS professionals can support this process; and 6) how the OEHS department can better prepare itself. Real-world examples and lessons learned from past events will be shared illustrating the vital role of OEHS professionals in their organization's planning and preparedness efforts.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Describe the reasons to develop continuity and emergency response plans.
• Explain how OEHS professionals can support their organizations during the planning and preparedness phases.
• Communicate the need for OEHS involvement in the planning and preparedness processes.
• Influence organizational planning and preparedness efforts.
• Use the two new AIHA Technical Frameworks: Role of the OEHS Professional in Continuity Planning and Role of the OEHS Professional in Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning.
• Evaluate the value and limitations of continuity and emergency response planning. 

Content Level


Interactive Session Experience



Emergency Preparedness & Response