PDC 101: Improve Training Retention and Get Better Results – NEW!

Linda Tapp, ALCM, CSP, CPTD Lead Instructor
Madison, NJ 
United States of America
Sat, 5/20: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PDT
Professional Development Course 
Phoenix Convention Center 
Room: North 121 A 
CM Credit Hours:


Make Your Training Stick is designed to help EHS professionals take their training to the next level. Training is often delivered to meet a compliance requirement without much thought about whether the important safety information will be remembered and applied when needed. This course will focus on: a) gaining the attention of trainees and management, b) designing training methods for increased retention, and c) techniques to help trainees take the learned knowledge from the classroom to the workplace. In this PDC, we will cover: 1) the science behind the strategies and 2) training activities that will increase retention and transfer. Attendees will: a) design retention and transfer activities and b) create an action plan to apply what they have learned.

In-person participants: *Registration includes boxed luncheon. **Power strips will not be provided at each attendee's seat; however, charging stations for laptops will be provided in each course room.

Course Outline

• Introduction to Retention and Transfer
• Challenges and Methods of Knowledge Transfer
• Accelerated Learning Principles
• Pre-Class and Post-Class Communication
• Making it Real
• Repetition, Spacing, Retrieval Practice and Interleaving
• Examples and Practice
• Error-Based Activities
• Sequencing Activities
• Sorting Activities
• Repetition Activities and Retrieval Activities
• Summarizing Activities
• Image Based Safety Training
• Wrap-Up and Next Steps 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Apply learning science to EHS training for increased retention and transfer.
• Create learning activities that support EHS training content.
• Facilitate the use of interactive training activities.
• Design plans for increasing the likelihood the training delivered will stick.
• Decipher activities effectively for greater comprehension. 


Attendees should some experience delivering EHS training. 

Value Added

A list of references and an activity packet that includes everything needed to immediately implement the activities covered in class will be provided. "Make Your Safety Training Great" is the basis behind all content covered.  

Business Case/IH Value Statement

We will cover how to calculate a ROI for training initiatives including a link to an online ROI calculator used for this purpose. 

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All Industries


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Transfer of Knowledge

Group activities
Hands-on demonstrations and practicum
Interactive games
Practice exercises