PDC 806: The Submicrogram World-The OSHA Beryllium Standard

Gregory Heldt, CIH, MS, MPH Lead Instructor
Materion Brush Inc.
Elmore, OH 
United States of America
Constantine Dumas Instructor
Materion Brush Inc.
Elmore, OH 
United States of America
Daniel Franks, CIH, CSP Instructor
Elmore, OH 
Michael Kent, CIH, CSP Instructor
Materion, Inc.
Perrysburg, OH 
United States of America
Theodore Knudson Instructor
Materion Brush Inc.
Mayfield Heights, OH 
United States of America
Jeffrey Zenan, CIH, CSP, CHMM, PMP Instructor
Materion Brush Inc.
Tucson, AZ 
Thu, 5/25: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST
Professional Development Course 
Phoenix Convention Center 
CM Credit Hours:


This PDC will benefit occupational health practitioners involved with the occupational exposure to beryllium and other substances with submicrogram level occupational exposure limits. The key provisions of the OSHA Beryllium Standard will be presented along with tools and information to aid compliance. The Beryllium Worker Protection Model will focus on the control of multiple exposure pathways and monitoring the effectiveness of these controls using leading measures.

In-person participants: *Registration includes boxed luncheon. **Power strips will not be provided at each attendee's seat; however, charging stations for laptops will be provided in each course room.

Course Outline

• Introduction
• Beryllium Health Effects
• The Beryllium Worker Protection Model (BWPM)
• OSHA's Beryllium Standard for General Industry
• Beryllium Health Effects and Medical Surveillance
• Guide for Compliance Website Demonstration and Workshop
• Exposure Assessment Strategies and Workshop
• Summary, Questions and Answers 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Develop control strategies for toxicants with submicrogram OELs.
• Manage OSHA's Beryllium Standard for General Industry.
• Recognize the health effects of beryllium exposure.
• Determine sources and pathways of workplace submicrogram exposures.
• Establish exposure assessment strategies to meet OELs.
• Implement a model for the prevention of chronic beryllium disease. 


Attendees should have a working knowledge of industrial hygiene practices. 

Value Added

Participants will have access to the Guide for Compliance website and the "Interactive Guide to Working Safely with Beryllium". 

Business Case/IH Value Statement

Attendees of this PDC will learn the successful techniques for assessing and controlling workplace exposures to submicrogram levels of beryllium which can be utilized with other substances as well. Additionally, attendees will receive instruction on the use of the online Guide for Compliance which was developed to assist users to understand and comply with the OSHA final Beryllium Standard for General Industry. 

Course Level


Learning Aids

Laptop or Tablet/iPad
Scientific Calculator

Organizational Category


Primary Industry

All Industries


Hazard Recognition/Exposure Assessment
Risk Assessment and Management
Standards, Regulations and Legal Issues

Transfer of Knowledge

Group activities
Practice exercises