A5: Adjusting Your Company's PPE Program for Female Workers

Diana Peroni Moderator
BioMarin Pharmaceuticals
Novato, CA 
Katie Stryker, CIH Presenter
CNA Insurance
Bloomingtin, IN 
United States of America
Mon, 5/22: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT
Education Session 
Phoenix Convention Center 
Room: North 229 A 
CM Credit Hours:


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is often considered the last line of defense in protecting workers from occupational hazards. When the PPE supplied to workers does not properly fit, it leaves employee's vulnerable to uncontrolled exposures. When it comes to finding, selecting, and offering PPE, many females will state that the PPE options provided by their employers are not sufficient to protect them from the workplace hazards. In this session, we will debunk the myth of pink it and shrink it to offer insight and perspectives into how a program can use diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts to ensure that a company's PPE program is a fit for everyone. This presentation is hosted and moderated by the Chair and Co-Chair of the Women in IH volunteer group, and is supported by the mission and members of WIH. In addition to sharing insights and perspective in how PPE programs can be adjusted for women, this presentation will segue into the AIHce PPE Fashion Show (if it is held at AIHce 2023). WIH is hoping to submit a series of PPE-focused articles for the Synergist that will also engage readers to participate in the conference session and AIHce PPE Fashion Show. Our goal is to leave participants a thorough understanding of challenges and opportunities for women in the workforce when it comes to working safely and being offered properly fitted PPE options.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Review historical pitfalls of properly fitting PPE for women.
• Recognize how these pitfalls may cause a safety hazards for women.
• Identify opportunities for PPE program improvement by diversifying selection and product offerings.
• Strengthen a PPE program through: a) vendor selection, b) diversity and equity understanding, and c) conversations with key stakeholders (i.e., the women)


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Protective Clothing and Equipment

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