Manufacturing Criminogenic Facts: Empirical Traces and Theorizations of Routine Organizational Deviance Among Criminal Justice Authorities

Thu, 6/22: 8:00 AM  - 9:45 AM 
Roundtable Session 
Thursday Session 1 
Sheraton Maria Isabel 
Room: Angel B, Reforma Tower (19th Floor) 
The Justice Department has formally acknowledged that for over a two-decade period an elite FBI forensic unit testified using overstated forensic matches against criminal defendants.  It was recently discovered that, since 1990, Orange County has maintained a secret database on jailhouse informants – containing possible exculpatory information – that was only ever shared with local prosecutors in efforts to obtain convictions.  And this year the ACLU filed a lawsuit after state troopers in Connecticut accidentally recorded themselves discussing how to trump-up charges against a detainee.  While misconduct is often dismissed with the easy logic of "bad apples," some suspect that fabricated evidence, rule skirting, and other subtler forms of what Vaughan (1996) would call normalized organizational deviance could be an entrenched feature of American criminal justice.  This panel convenes scholars to elucidate possible empirical traces or hints in their research of organizational deviance among authorities. In short, how might we begin to think about deviance in the filling out of forms, cobbling together of criminogenic facts, and conferral of criminal status?  In concert with the audience, we hope to discuss: empirical opportunities/limits, possible perimeters and functions of deviance, consequences, and potential effects on the use of criminal statistics.


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Primary Keyword

Punishment, Prison Studies, Sentencing, and Formal Social Control

Secondary Keyword

Legal Culture, Legal Consciousness, Comparative Legal Culture
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