Law & Society Tax Scholarship, Illustrative Examples

Wed, 6/21: 10:00 AM  - 11:45 AM 
Paper Session 
Wednesday Session 2 
Sheraton Maria Isabel 
Room: Caza B (3rd Floor) 
This panel includes four leading tax law scholars working in various areas, and embodies four distinct approaches to research in law, society, and taxation. The panel illustrates the different approaches scholars take to tax law research and serves as a model for those new to thinking about tax in the law and society context, as well as for new tax law scholars.


Neil Buchanan, The George Washington University Law School  - Contact Me



Primary Keyword

Taxation, Social Security, Fiscal Policies


Financing Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Canada: Implications for Tax Law


Lisa Philipps, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University  - Contact Me

The VAT Laggards: A Comparative History of Japanese and U.S. Resistance to the Value-Added Tax


Ajay Mehrotra, American Bar Foundation/Northwestern Law  - Contact Me

To What Extent Does Enforcement Crowd Out Voluntary Tax Compliance?


Leandra Lederman, Indiana University Maurer School of Law  - Contact Me

Why Aren't Things Better Than This? Class Relations Within the Top One Percent in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice


Daniel Shaviro, NYU Law School  - Contact Me

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