Technology, privacy, control, and surveillance

Thu, 6/7: 2:45 PM  - 4:30 PM 
Paper Session 
Thursday Session 4 
Sheraton Centre Toronto 
Room: Parlour Suite 10, 3729 
Papers address digital communications surveillance; privacy for social media; online companies and social life; digital whistleblowing; body worn cameras and police exhaustion; revenge porn regulation
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Nicholas Frayn, Peking University School of Transnational Law  - Contact Me

Primary Keyword

Technology, Technological Innovation, Robot Law

Secondary Keyword

Regulation, Reform, and Governance


Anticipating the Future, Assembling the Past: Constricting Constitutional Rights, Expanding Surveillance, and "Preventing" Terrorism in US v Mohamud


Anya Degenshein, Northwestern University  - Contact Me

Beyond NTD: distributive justice and strict intermediaries liability for unauthorised dissemination of nude images (‘revenge porn’).


Tsachi Keren-Paz, Keele University, school of Law  - Contact Me

Heart Monitors: Body-worn cameras and police emotional exhaustion


Ian Adams, University of Utah  - Contact Me

Non-Presenting Co-Author

Sharon Mastracci, University of Utah  - Contact Me

How Private is “Private”? The ECPA in the Era of Social Media and the Third-Party Doctrine


Christopher Lin, Temple University Beasley School of Law  - Contact Me

Online Companies as Providers of Democratic Life – Bridging the Democratic Gap


Elettra Bietti, Harvard Law School  - Contact Me

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