Novel legal forms in health law

Sat, 6/9: 2:45 PM  - 4:30 PM 
Paper Session 
Saturday Session 4 
Sheraton Centre Toronto 
Room: Maple West 
Health law has moved far from physician liability within the legal form of tort litigation. This panel explores various legal forms that health lawyers now encounter, across several jurisdictions. One important question is the legal status of the entities that make up a health system: are they private companies, state, or 'third sector' enterprises, and what are the consequences for health? Another important legal form is human rights, and concepts of patient autonomy. As 'health' blends into 'well-being', can a legal framework based on 'rights' make sense? Third, how do federal legal forms determine health entitlements and claims? Do provinces, regions secure health rights in ways distinct from central/federal bodies, charged with fiscal discipline? How do forms of administrative law, such as judicial review, support health?


John Harrington, Cardiff University  - Contact Me



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Health and Medicine

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Regulation, Reform, and Governance


Paradigmatic Shifts in Health Care: Body Enhancement and Regulatory Challenges in the UK


Nicola Glover-Thomas, University of Manchester  - Contact Me

Right to Health Care in EU and Canada-Role of the Centre in Complex Entities


Tomislav Sokol, Zagreb School of Economics and Management  - Contact Me

Social enterprises delivering health care services within the European context: legal aspects, their relations with public authorities and their contribution to ensure a fair and universal right to health.


Alceste Santuari, University of Bologna  - Contact Me

Termites of solidarity in the house of austerity


Scott Greer, University of Michigan  - Contact Me

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Eleanor Brooks, Edinburgh University  - Contact Me

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