Accountability for Counter-Terrorism

Sun, 6/10: 10:00 AM  - 11:45 AM 
Paper Session 
Sunday Session 2 
Sheraton Centre Toronto 
Room: Peel 
Accountability for counter-terrorism has not kept pace with the creation of counter-terrorism laws, institutions and practices since 9/11. It appears to remain in a remarkably unsophisticated state; there currently exists a patchwork of accountability that, depending on the jurisdiction, includes parliamentary committees, ad hoc inquiries, inspectors-general, independent reviewers, oversight commissioners, and internal review mechanisms within government, the military, and state bureaucracy. Each such body typically oversees only some aspect of counter-terrorism. Accountability is thus incomplete and inconsistent. This panel explores the current state of accountability for counter-terrorism in Australia, Canada, and the UK. In doing so it highlights the challenges faced across all three jurisdictions.
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Victor V. Ramraj, Univeristy of Victoria  - Contact Me


Jessie Blackbourn, University of Oxford  - Contact Me

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Terrorism, National Security


Accountability through the Criminal Trial


Nicola McGarrity, University of New South Wales  - Contact Me

Canada's Terrorism Prosecutions and the Use of Social Scientific and Expert Evidence: An empirical study


Michael Nesbitt, University of Calgary, Faculty of Law  - Contact Me

National Security Accountability Reform: The Day After


Craig Forcese, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law  - Contact Me

The Changing Accountability Landscape in Canada for National Security


Kent Roach, University of Toronto  - Contact Me

Understanding Counter-Terrorism Review


Jessie Blackbourn, University of Oxford  - Contact Me


Lydia Morgan, University of Birmingham  - Contact Me

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Fiona de Londras, University of Birmingham  - Contact Me

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