Engaged and Activist Ethnography: Possibilities, Dilemmas, and Praxis

Fri, 5/31: 12:45 PM  - 2:30 PM 
Roundtable Session 
Friday Session 3 
Room: Regency A Table 10 
What is activist or an engaged ethnography, and how might it take shape in practice? What are its promises and limitations? How can we maximize the analytical power of ethnographic research to actively participate in, contribute to, and shape debates on important issues of public concern? This roundtable springs from discussions during the Ethnography, Law and Society Collaborative Research Network's 2017 business meeting in Toronto to address questions of what engaged and activist ethnographic research might look like in the Law and Society tradition. In doing so, the session brings together a group of experienced ethnographers at different career stages. The session will include ample time for audience questions and discussion and will be of interest for those that are already familiar with and those that are new to ethnography.


Allison Fish, University of Queensland  - Contact Me


Scott Cummings, University of California, Los Angeles  - Contact Me
Laura Foster, Indiana University  - Contact Me
Luis Daniel Gascon, University of San Francisco  - Contact Me
Allison McKim, Bard College  - Contact Me
Aaron Roussell, Portland State University  - Contact Me


03: Ethnography, Law & Society

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Social Movements, Social Issues, Legal Mobilization
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