Legal Scales II: Relational Approaches to Law and Migration Governance

Fri, 5/31: 12:45 PM  - 2:30 PM 
Paper Session 
Friday Session 3 
Room: Thornton Lounge 
While local authorities are claiming a more proactive role in refugee reception and integration, critics are increasingly arguing against pastoral visions of local migration governance and in favour of relational conceptualizations of 'multiscalar' power hierarchies. This panel explores this claim from the angle of legal regulation, which has so far been absent from the discussion. In how far are power relations shaped by legal frameworks? What do contestations regarding the interpretation and application of norms tell us about scalar dimensions of migration governance? In turn, how can a multiscalar perspective on migration and cities inform discussions about legal frameworks and jurisdictions? In situating practices of local migration governance, what insights are to be gained from theories of legal pluralism and critical legal studies?


Jeff Handmaker, International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University  - Contact Me


Judith Resnik, Yale Law School  - Contact Me


02: Citizenship and Immigration

Primary Keyword

Migration and Refugee Studies

Secondary Keyword

Geographies of Law


'Cities of Refuge' Through a Multiscalar Perspective


Sara Miellet, Utrecht University  - Contact Me

De-Nationalizing the Immigration Power


Daniel Morales, DePaul University College of Law  - Contact Me

Legal Visibility: Documenting Noncitizens in Federal, State, and Local Bureaucracies


Asad Asad, Stanford University  - Contact Me

Migration Law and Questions of Scale


Radhika Mongia, York University  - Contact Me

Municipal Citizenship, State Deportation, and the International Right to Belong


Benjamin Perryman, Yale Law School  - Contact Me

Sanctuary, Scale and Jurisdiction


Graham Hudson, Ryerson University, Toronto  - Contact Me

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