Legal Scales I: Transatlantic Perspectives on Local Migration Governance

Fri, 5/31: 8:00 AM  - 9:45 AM 
Paper Session 
Friday Session 1 
Room: Thornton A 
As national governments have cracked down on immigration, there has been a parallel increase in diverging local approaches on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet, the welcoming of newcomers into European towns is rarely compared to the 'sanctuary cities' movement in the US. This panel highlights the relational and unbounded character of migration governance as it (re-)examines the possibility and analytical value of such transatlantic comparisons. What social, political and legal arguments drive the 'decoupling' of municipal from restrictive national policies in both settings? What kinds of local strategies have proven most successful in this regard? What role do (networks of) mayors, city councils and civil society play in this context? How do local actions and policies relate to supposedly 'superordinate' legal frameworks and discourses?


Moritz Baumgärtel, Utrecht University  - Contact Me


Martha Davis, Northeastern University School of Law  - Contact Me


02: Citizenship and Immigration

Primary Keyword

Migration and Refugee Studies

Secondary Keyword

Citizenship (social as well as legal)


City on Guard: Situating Athens into the Global Refugee Crisis


Berna Turam, Northeastern University  - Contact Me

Exclusive Inclusiveness? Access and Participation in Transnational City Networks in the Area of Migrant Reception and Integration


Moritz Baumgärtel, Utrecht University  - Contact Me


Elif Durmus, Utrecht University (University College Roosevelt)  - Contact Me

Sanctuary Values: How Normatively Substantive Sources of Law Can Generate Litigation Over Sanctuary That Confronts, Rather Than Avoids, the Substantive Policy Debate


Christopher Lasch, University of Denver Sturm College of Law  - Contact Me

Strategies of Legitimization Developed by the Local Actors in the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis: The Cases of Palermo and Barcelona


Alexandra López-Lorente, University of Barcelona  - Contact Me


Luz Muñoz, University of Barcelona  - Contact Me

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David Moya, University of Barcelona  - Contact Me

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