Dignity and Resistance: Activist and Engaged Perspectives

Sat, 6/1: 8:00 AM  - 9:45 AM 
Paper Session 
Saturday Session 1 
Room: Congressional B 
In an increasingly globalized world, ethnographers are engaging and working with activists and advocates to participate in, contribute to, and even shape debates on significant issues of public concern. This track of CRN-sponsored panels seeks to explore different modes of activist or engaged ethnography. What are the roles of different actors in a particular field site? How can researchers maximize the analytical power of ethnographic research? Capturing diverse sites and approaches to activism and engagement, the papers explore different meanings and tensions that emerge around dignity. This panel responds to questions raised at the Ethnography, Law and Society Collaborative Research Network's 2017 business meeting in Toronto, which sought out examples of ethnographic research that engaged activism and social justice.


Amelia Radke, University of Queensland  - Contact Me


Allison Fish, University of Queensland  - Contact Me


03: Ethnography, Law & Society

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Methodology, Socio-legal Methodology


"We Know When They Laugh With Us": Engaged Anthropology and UK Asylum Tribunals


Rine Vieth, McGill University  - Contact Me

Engaged Anthropology "On the Live Edge" in Colombia: Conversations Between Collaborators


Viviane Weitzner, McGill University, Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives, Anthropology  - Contact Me

Non-Presenting Co-Author

Marlin Mancilla, Universidad del Pacifico  - Contact Me

Rethinking NGOs? Non-State Actors, LGBT Rights Activism, and the Law in the United States


Jara Carrington, University of North Texas  - Contact Me

The Search for Indigenous Justice in the Rural Bolivian Highlands: The Strategic Use of Law to Maintain Dignity in Scenes of Abandonment


Amy Kennemore, University of California  - Contact Me

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