Ethnographies of Law II: Spaces of Legal and Bureaucratic Regulation

Sun, 6/2: 10:00 AM  - 11:45 AM 
Paper Session 
Sunday Session 2 
Room: Congressional B 
This panel is the second of two dedicated to ethnographies of law. The five papers examine how different "spaces" of law, bureaucracy, and regulation affect the lived experiences of various legal actors and subjects. The first three papers focus specifically on the performative aspects and lived experiences of court actors in different judicial systems through analyses of (1) the justifications put forward to legitimize problem-solving courts in the Midwestern United States, (2) the capacity of ethnography to explore the aesthetic dimensions of the state and law, and (3) reforms in judicial processes in Colombian labour courts. Two other papers focus specifically on the lived experiences of marginalized groups subject to legal and bureaucratic processes in Catalonia and Buenos Aires.


Krystle Shore, University of Waterloo  - Contact Me


03: Ethnography, Law & Society

Primary Keyword



Enforcing Integration? Regulating Identities and Constructing Legality in Catalan Rehabilitation Programs


Johanna Romer, University of Essex  - Contact Me

Ethnography, Materiality and Legal Sensibilities : Towards a New Aesthetics of the State and Law


Carolina Bejarano Martínez, Universidad de los Andes  - Contact Me

Inclusive Education as an Ambivalent Practice: Disability, Secrecy and Legal Rights


Leticia Barrera, CONICET-IDAES, UNSAM  - Contact Me

Non-Presenting Co-Author

Pilar Arcidiacono, CONICET-UBA  - Contact Me

The Object of Desire in Judicial Ritual: Between Efficient Speech and Due Process


Diana Marcela Solano, ICESi  - Contact Me

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