Syndicate Women: Gender and Networks in Chicago Organized Crime-LIVE SESSION ONLY

Sun, 5/31: 1:00 PM  - 2:00 PM 
Author Meets Reader (AMR) Session 
Sunday Session 2 
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Syndicate Women uncovers a unique historical puzzle: women composed a substantial part of Chicago organized crime in the early 1900s before Prohibition, but during Prohibition, when criminal opportunities increased for men and women, women were mostly excluded from organized crime. Increasing criminalization of sex work and rapid criminalization of alcohol produced dramatic shifts in this criminal organization's gender composition. Syndicate Women solves this puzzle by interrogating broader relational and illicit market theories, historical data, and criminal networks. Women's entrepreneurial spirit and economic need did not change in this 20-year period, but rather the structural barriers of access and prosperity developed in ways that were compounded by status, preferences, organizational restructuring, and, as a consequence, gender.


Chris Smith, University of Toronto  - Contact Me


Chris Smith, University of Toronto  - Contact Me


Laura Beth Nielsen, Northwestern & ABF  - Contact Me
Ashley Rubin, University of Hawai`i, Manoa  - Contact Me


36: Transnational and Global Legal Ordering

Primary Keyword

Crime and Victimization

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Gender and Sexuality
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