Collaborative Research Network on Citizenship and Immigration: New Books in the Field

Fri, 5/29: 11:00 AM  - 12:45 PM 
New Books in the Field 
Friday Session 1 
Webinar rooms 
Room: Webinar 18 
This session brings together scholars who have recently published books in the area of migration, citizenship, law, and society. The books presented in this session tackle a wide range of issues, from how nation-states promote and impede immigrant integration, to how immigrants and their families navigate everyday routines, relationships, naturalization, and deportation.


Amada Armenta, UCLA  - Contact Me


Beth Caldwell, Southwestern Law School  - Contact Me
Ming Chen, University of Colorado Law School  - Contact Me
Laura Enriquez, University of California, Irvine  - Contact Me
Angela Garcia, Univesity of Chicago  - Contact Me
Shoba Wadhia, Penn State Law- University Park  - Contact Me


02: Citizenship and Immigration

Primary Keyword

Migration and Refugee Studies

Secondary Keyword

Citizenship (social as well as legal)
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