Writing Academic Books

Sun, 5/31: 1:00 PM  - 2:45 PM 
Professional Development Panel 
Sunday Meeting 
Webinar rooms 
Room: Webinar 24 
This professional development session aims to demystify how academic publishing works, particularly for first-time authors. What kinds of manuscripts are academic presses looking for? What does a strong book proposal look like? What is the role of an editor at a university press, or a professor who is serving as a series editor for a specific series? What's the difference between a dissertation and a book, and how does one go about successfully transforming one into the other? Panelists will offer their take on these questions, while also leaving plenty of time for the audience to ask questions about whatever is on their mind.


Rachel Stern, University of California, Berkeley  - Contact Me


Rohit De, Yale University  - Contact Me
Matt Gallaway, Cambridge University Press  - Contact Me
Mark Fathi Massoud, University of California, Santa Cruz  - Contact Me
Maura Roessner, University of California Press  - Contact Me
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