Partner Showcase Presented by Gensuite: Streamline Sustainability & Supply Chain Programs With a Best Practices Digital Solution

Donavan Hornsby Presenter
Cincinnati, OH 
Wed, 9/16: 9:00 AM  - 9:25 AM 
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Does your organization struggle to manage increasing demands for product information from customers and regulatory bodies, while also realize stakeholder objectives for product sustainability and supply chain transparency?  Join Gensuite as we provide insight into best practices and digital solutions employed by multi-functional teams to address these challenges.  Discover Gensuite's Product Steward™ solution – the award-winning application that streamlines product compliance, product sustainability, and supply chain sustainability programs. During this session, gain insight into how organizations can centralize and automate upstream supplier and manufacturer engagement and data collection to ensure smarter, and more environmentally sound product design and production activities. Learn how multi-functional teams can collaborate and synthesize material compliance program activities, responsible sourcing due diligence, and initiatives related to product and supply chain sustainability.  Gain further insight into opportunities to connect business systems (ERP and PLM) and compliance systems for integrated, automated data sharing, regulatory impact alerting, and other key management of change priorities.