Quickly Resolving Compliance Issues for Large Product Lines

Sarahann Rackl Moderator
Austin, TX 
United States of America
Callan Krevanko Co-Presenter
Oakland, CA 
United States of America
Keith Morris-Schaffer Co-Presenter
Sacramento, CA 
United States of America
Thu, 9/30: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM PDT
Education Session 
Hyatt Regency Orange County 
Room: Garden 3 


Product stewardship programs require an effective decision-making approach to address and resolve abrupt, reactive compliance issues. For example, during the product development or marketing phases, analyses may reveal a chemical in a product that exceeds a compliance limit or the set company threshold. As it can be costly to disrupt large product lines, it is critical for product stewardship teams to have a defined approach for a comprehensive risk assessment that can address all contingencies of an exceedance scenario.

In this presentation, the speakers will present risk assessment case scenarios that resolve critical compliance issues within large product lines, including reviewing the benefits and challenges of establishing internal target compliance limits, their health implications, and implementation issues in the initial stage of risk assessments. The speakers will present best practices for exposure and risk assessments using several case studies, including alternative testing methods and simulation techniques that could serve as the basis for defensible and conclusive reports. This session aims to help participants solve sudden compliance issues to help their companies reach actionable decisions in a timely manner.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Understand the importance of evaluating the bases of target compliance limits and when and how exposure assessments may be necessary
• Use best practices for defensible simulation techniques to evaluate more refined exposures
• Appreciate the value of a comprehensive risk assessment to make decisions quickly 

Risk Assessments

Alternatives Assessments

Certified Professional Product Steward Domain Alignment

Domain I: Assessment, Impact Analysis, & Risk Management

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Interactivity and Engagement