Getting What You Want: How to Persuasively Request Product Stewardship Resources

John Hott Co-Presenter
Kingsport, TN 
United States of America
Kevin Kransler, PhD, DABT, CPPS Co-Presenter
Schenectady, NY 
United States of America
Rebecca Morones, CPPS Co-Presenter
Boulder, CO 
United States of America
Tue, 9/28: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM PDT
Education Session 
Hyatt Regency Orange County 
Room: Grand A 


Whether you have just started your product stewardship career or are looking forward to retirement, a product steward must request funding to join associations, pay for product stewardship society membership, ask for new software, or hire additional staff. The session will begin with a brief panel discussion about what persuades upper management and executive decision-makers to allocate funding and other resources to product stewardship efforts. Following the panel discussion, the session will become interactive, and attendees will have the opportunity through oral or written exercises to practice persuading "management" to approve and fund their requests.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Persuade decision makers orally and in writing
• Better communicate with management
• Convincingly explain the value of product stewardship to a

Business Value

Business Communication

Content Level


Interactivity and Engagement