SHRM® Talent Conference and Expo

When developing the event, SHRM’s goal is to provide a balanced program that appropriately meets the skill level and interests of the diverse audience. The suggested topics below are based on The SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK™), which outlines the behavioral competencies and HR knowledge necessary for effective job performance as an HR professional.

For more information about the SHRM Competencies, click here.

SHRM's 2021 Talent Conference & Expo will take place April 19 - 21 in Las Vegas and virtually, featuring speakers who are thought leaders, published authors, innovators and experts in their field. Our comprehensive conference program is designed to give our attendees a full range of talent-related learnings, from the basics that every HR professional needs, to offerings for c-suite leadership, to the latest innovative ideas that are changing how we seek and work with Talent.  


Now more than ever, it is imperative that we join together to build the talented teams of the future. As such, we are seeking proposals that will help shape Talent in the “new” normal, and in the following topic categories: 


Engagement & Retention 

Employee turnover and poor performance can be extremely costly and disruptive to organizations, which makes retaining high-performing talent key. But how is that done? Learn tips to improve relationships between employees and organizations, develop effective strategies to address appropriate performance expectations and gain knowledge on how to implement effective practices that contribute to a positive organizational culture. 

Candidate Experience & Relationship Development 

It’s no secret that happy candidates often make for happy employees once hired. In these sessions, explore ways your communication, messaging, systems, and even other employees can impact the candidate experience and how you can ensure a positive outcome.

Employment Law & Regulations  

Help protect your company from liability and minimize legal risk by staying current with the latest changes in workplace laws, legislation and HR policy as it pertains to recruitment and acquiring Talent. From federal legislative compliance, to documentation laws, to updates on state specific legislation trends, these sessions will help you stay on top of the most important legislative priorities. Specific topic areas will include compliance, employment law, pending legislation, risk management, and policy. 

HR Strategic Planning 

Every company deserves top-tier talent and they key to achieving a healthy candidate pipeline is through developing a strategy. From internal succession planning to curating an employment brand, these sessions will help best prepare you to achieve success in your Talent Acquisition process. 

Sourcing, Screening & Selection  

You’ve put your recruitment plan into play, now what? These sessions will serve as a guide to source, screen and select the very best candidates to join your organization. This track will focus on recruitment and talent acquisition’s best practices across industries and functions to help you hire faster, smarter and easier than ever. 

Technology & Data Analytics  

Technology and data are at the core of many shifts, transformations, and catalysts for decision making. When implemented correctly, technology can facilitate easy management of data and streamline processes—to be both efficient and accurate. These sessions will showcase current and emerging technology trends from data integrity to artificial intelligence (AI) to startups, and how they are impacting the workplace, as well as how you can understand data trends and how to use them.  

Inclusion & Diversity  

As a Talent professional, it is important to connect the dots and bridge the gap between a diverse workforce and one that is truly inclusive. These sessions will help you to bridge that gap in your organization – by learning best practices for building and maintaining a diverse workforce that thrives together in a truly inclusive environment. This track will include topics such as unconscious bias, leveraging untapped talent pools, etc. 

Leadership & Personal Growth 

Whether you’re ready to take on greater responsibilities, coach teammates to achieve their fullest potential or interested in new ways of exploring emotional, intellectual and career fulfillment, these sessions will guide you on how to bridge the gap between manager and leader—and grow personally. Learn how to position an organization to achieve its goals. Strategic HR planning can position an organization to achieve its goals, as well as how to understand and identify your organization’s business objectives, recognize the unique role HR can play in strategic direction and change management initiatives, and facilitate long-term planning. This track includes leadership, personal and employee growth, organizational effectiveness and strategic planning.  



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