SHRM® Annual Conference & Expo

We understand COVID-19 continues to create some uncertainty regarding travel and in-person events. Proposals are being considered for both robust virtual offerings, as well as our traditional in-person presentations. We will only be hosting in-person gatherings if and when safe to do so.

SHRM's 2021 Annual Conference & Expo will take place September 9-12 in Las Vegas and virtually, featuring hundreds of speakers who are thought leaders, published authors, innovators and experts in their field. With more than 200 sessions, our comprehensive conference program is designed to give our attendees a full range of HR learnings, from the basics that every HR professional needs, to offerings for C-suite leadership, to the latest innovative ideas that are changing how we work.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that we join together to build the workplaces of the future. As such, we are seeking proposals that will help shape workplaces in the “new” normal, and in the following tracks:


SHRM21 Tracks

High-Level Topics and Short Description

  1.  Comp, Benefits & Well-Being

 As the demands of the modern workforce evolve, compensation and benefits packages must keep pace. By exploring topics such as health care, pay equity, sustainable wellness programs, mental health, stress management and more, you’ll gain best practices and proven tactics for staying competitive and retaining your organization’s most valuable resource: its employees.

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Wellness & well-being
  • Mental health
  • Stress management


Short description:

Explore proven tactics for keeping your offerings competitive such as health care, pay equity, mental health, stress management, sustainable wellness programs, and more


  1. Culture

Comprised of written and unwritten rules and values, culture is unique to each workplace. Strong workplace cultures embrace and foster diverse talents so all employees can thrive. HR plays a key role in creating this environment. In this track, you’ll hear replicable success stories, gain actionable insights and pick up resources to help you support and improve the culture in your workplace.

  • Written and unwritten rules
  • How to support and improve the workplace


Short description:

Gain actionable insights and resources to help you support and improve the culture in your workplace


  1. Employment Law & Regulations

Help protect your organization from liability and minimize legal risk by staying current with the latest changes in workplace laws, legislation and HR policy. From federal legislative compliance to investigation documentation to updates on harassment legislation and the unique legal issues specific to California, these sessions will help you stay on top of the most pressing legislative priorities in the world of work. Specific topic areas in this track will include compliance, employment law, pending legislation, risk management, safety, as well as HR policies.

  • Compliance
  • Employment law
  • Current and pending legislation
  • Risk management
  • Safety
  • HR policies


Short description:

Grow your expertise on workplace laws, legislation and HR policy to help protect your organization from liability

  1. Global HR

Understanding how your organization operates in a global context is essential for a successful HR strategy. From managing diverse virtual teams to communicating across the world to talent management, it is important to understand how to operate an organization’s HR function on a global scale. Sessions in this track provide a comprehensive look at the current and emerging global business trends that all HR practitioners need to know in today’s ever-changing world.

  • Current and emerging international business trends, laws and regulations


Short description:
Get a comprehensive look at the current and emerging global business trends HR practitioners need to know in today’s world


  1.  HR Department of One

Running HR functions as a department of one requires balancing strategic planning with the necessary day-to-day tactical duties. Often pulled in different directions, working in solidarity has its own set of challenges when it comes to managing various priorities. This track takes a deep dive into the most pressing challenges of a solo HR practitioner so you can garner tips and tools needed to excel.

  • Everything that a solo HR practitioner needs to know


Short description:

Take a deep dive into the challenges of a solo HR practitioner and garner tips and tools needed to excel


  1. HR Technology & Data Analytics

Technology advancements and innovations are at the core of many shifts and transformations in today’s HR practices. When implemented correctly, technology can facilitate easy management of data and streamline processes to be both efficient and more accurate in HR work. These sessions will showcase current and emerging technology trends—from data integrity to artificial intelligence (AI) to startups—and how they are impacting the workplace. You will gain a deeper understanding of these data trends and how to use them in your day-to-day work.


  • Current and emerging technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • HR data trends and analysis
  • HRIS


Short description:

Learn how to apply technology trends and analysis such as data integrity and artificial intelligence (AI) in your HR work


  1. Inclusion & Diversity

Achieving inclusion at work goes far beyond simply building a diverse workforce. HR plays a leading role in bridging that gap in your organization. Discover best practices for building and engaging an inclusive and diverse workforce where everyone can thrive. Sessions will cover topics such as unconscious bias, leveraging untapped talent pools and more to help you elevate your I&D work.

  • Unconscious bias
  • Leveraging untapped talent pools
  • Building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce


Short description:

Discover best practices for building and engaging an inclusive and diverse workforce where everyone can thrive


  1. Leadership & Personal Growth

Whether you’re ready to take on greater responsibilities, coach teammates to achieve their fullest potential, or interested in new ways of exploring emotional, intellectual and career fulfillment, these sessions will guide your professional and personal growth. This track will help you level up your skills and take the next steps in leadership development.

  • Leadership
  • Personal and employee growth


Short description:

Level up your skills in leadership development and become equipped for personal and employee growth


  1. People & Talent Management

With an aging population, a growing skills gap and a competitive job market, it is critical for HR and people managers to train, engage and motivate employees. Sessions in this track will tap into the various aspects of the employee lifecycle such as onboarding, retention, performance management, employee engagement, as well as learning and development so you can glean new strategies for talent management success.

  • Onboarding
  • Retention
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement
  • Learning and development


Short description:

Glean new strategies for engaging and retaining talent by delving into various aspects of the employee lifecycle


  1. Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Having the right talent is key to advancing your organization’s revenues and mission. But the competition for talent is as fierce as ever. This track will help you hone your ability to best identify, attract and screen talent both externally and internally so you can expand your toolbox with new strategies and tactics. Sessions will focus on leading-edge talent acquisition and “next” practices for recruitment across industries and functions.

  • Talent acquisition/recruitment
  • Attracting candidates
  • Screening
  • Selection


Short description:

Expand your toolbox with new strategies and tactics for acquiring the right talent for your organization


  1. Strategic HR

Strategic HR supports long-term business goals and helps position an organization for success. Understanding and identifying your organization’s business objectives is a first step in impacting overall business strategy. By focusing on the unique role HR can play in strategic direction, this track will help you foster change management initiatives, enhance organizational effectiveness and facilitate long-term, strategic planning.


  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Strategic planning


Short description:

Deepen your understanding of your organization’s business goals and the role HR can play in strategic planning




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